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I am looking for a quick way to parse HTML tags out of a ColdFusion string. We are pulling in an RSS feed, that could potentially have anything in it. How can I clean HTML tags out of a ColdFusion string? The Regex "" will remove all tags and the characters inside those tags and will not remove single tags like which can.

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Using coldfusion to strip some or all HTML tags from a string I wrote a custom tag called CF_TAGSTRIPPER that would strip HTML tags from a source string, optionally preserving specific tags. A few years ago, I converted it to a UDF and I've used it in a variety of my applications to strip out all but a few tags - like if I wanted to allow users.

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ColdFusion Strip HTML tags from text This RegEx is very basic, it will only work on valid HTML attributes. That is, if an element attribute contains the > character, it will fail.

ColdFusion 9: Strip HTML tags out of specific parts of a string. 1. ColdFusion - Remove spaces from text that exists between tags. 2. Strip html to end up with linebreak-delimited list. 0. How can I keep & html tags in my coldfusion string but get rid of all other html tags? Clone via HTTPS Clone with Git or checkout with SVN using the repository’s web address.
Coldfusion strip html tags
Coldfusion strip html tags
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It's uses regex to strip out any crappy tags and characters out of the content. I need to stop. Stack Overflow. Regex Stripping HTML Tags. Ask Question 0. I've got a coldfusion script which I've had hanging around for a while on my content management system. It's uses regex to strip out any crappy tags and characters out of the content.

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Parsing HTML Tag Data Into A ColdFusion Structure By Ben Nadel on it became important to be able to parse individual HTML tags into ColdFusion structures so that we could read in the attributes and then use them in our ColdFusion CFHttpParam tags. When it comes to parsing an HTML tag in ColdFusion, there are two things we are looking for. How do I remove HTML from a string? In general, you almost always want to remove HTML from user input. ColdFusion provides a few ways to do that. is used as htmlCodeFormat() automatically inserts tags around the string. While this method will escape the HTML, you may prefer to remove it all together. Luckily this is also rather.

Coldfusion strip html tagsColdfusion strip html tags

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I'm not trying to strip all of the tags, I'm actually looking to replace one set of open/close tags with another. I revised my message in order to better explain. – TheJason Mar 20 '12 at Table in cfmail tag. I would recommend moving your CSS to be 'inline' on the HTML tags themselves, as email clients often strip out the STYLE tags. Mikey. share Browse other questions tagged html coldfusion cfmail or ask your own question. asked. 5 years, 10 months ago. viewed. 1, times.

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How to replace with a carriage return so it displays in a textarea properly? Ask Question 1. 'all')) It is simply replacing all carriage returns (new line) in the textarea with an HTML tag of. It then HTML encodes this before inserting into the database. When I want to display the textarea value back into a text area I am.
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